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High-end virtual reality headset.

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VR Headsets

Professional head mounted displays for commercial applications. Industry grade. Unprecedented immersion.


Hardware Lab

We are breaking the limits of what’s possible again and again. Our own display and optics lab is always one step further.


Design Services

Some of the best HMDs around the world use hardware components, custom electronics and firmware designed by VR Union.


Integration Tools

Unity and Unreal Engine plugins supplied by default. For other engines and usage cases, please contact our team.

Claire 12M

Business evaluation version

Main Features
  • Next-gen Claire 22M early unit for free

  • Unprecedented Immersion

  • OSVR compatibility and plugins

  • Lightweight, Durable, Hygienic

Hardware Specification
  • 3840 x 1080 x 3 Premium IPS Dual Display

  • 170° Hardened Fresnel Lens with peripheral vision

  • 1350Hz YEI  internal orientation sensor

  • Leap Motion positional tracking plugin

Limited Batch Production

Production stopped

Please wait for Claire 22M.

More Information

February 2015 Batch - Sold Out

  • FlyPrague – 7 Units
  • Quanti – 5 Units
  • Undisclosed- 39 Units

Package Items+ Shipping

  • ‎Claire 12M Professional Headset
  • Premium HDMI Cables + USB (3m)
  • HDMI to DisplayPort Reduction
  • 12v Power Source
  • Heavy Duty Transport Case
  • Cleaning Kit
  • FREE FedEx Express shipping
  • Delivery in 8 weeks

Optional - Leap Motion Package +$50

  • Leap Motion Controller
  • IR Markers
  • Enables Hand Recognition, IR see-trough mode and Positional Tracking potential, details on request

[wp_cart:Leap Motion Package:price:50:end]

Optional - Extension Cables Set 10m +$300

  • Premium HDMI Extension Cables 10m
  • USB 2.0 and 3.0 Extension Cables 10m

[wp_cart:Extension Cables Set – 10m:price:300:end]

Claire – The Past and The Future

The Past

Claire FullHD

  • VR Union’s First Standalone HMD

  • 1920 x 1080 Pixels, Aspheric Lens

  • 3D Printable Model Free Download

Sales by Country
The Future

Claire 22M

  • Premium Segment Consumer HMD

  • LCD IPS and OLED Versions

  • 5120 x 1440 Pixels, Fresnel Panoramic View

  • Retail Price Range $400 – $600

LCD Display


OLED display


Custom Fresnel Optics


Positional Tracking




DK1 Upgrade Kit

Main Features
  • FullHD 1920 x 1080 x 3 DK1 Upgrade Kit

  • Drop-In Solution, Better Screen Area Distribution

User Testimonials

"Last week I tested DK2 and compare it with Riftup DK1 upgrade. I have to say that the RiftUp picture is better (screendor efect, pixel visibility, NO CHROMATIC EFECT, the same FOV, no flicker at 60Hz as on DK2). I want to be fully objective - but for me The RiftUp is so 30% better, and it is not necesarry to compensate chromatic aberation of new lenses in DK2. DK2 is little bit heavier and ventilation is not as good, the cable is too better in RiftUP. Sorry Palmer :-(."

− Hornet,

"The screen is BEAUTIFUL. Colors are lovely, screen door is greatly reduced, everything looks amazing. Motion blur is greatly reduced, much more comfortable turning and quick motions. Text is far sharper and much more readable."

− taterdan,

"Hi got the RiftUp! kit today and installed it fine. Everything is working... spectacular success here! I am sure there are things to tweak but I must say I am impressed by this effort from the RiftUP! people! Wow guys good job! Running on a MacBook Pro here with the latest OS X."

− WadeWatts,

"Software patch by DrBeef: WOW. Works 100% perfect. Patched, then tried the MyNeighborTotoro demo for the first time. Everything worked just amazing. Was in there for about 10 minutes, no eye strain or anything, perfect FOV. Fantastic job guys!"

− play2lose,

Product Discontinued

Buy Claire Instead

Crowdfunded on Indiegogo

Goal Achieved

Meet the Team

What Drives Us Forward

We believe virtual reality will change lives of people all over the world for better.

More possibilities for your Workspace, Education, Socialization and Entertainment.

We believe. We go beyond. We Are Union.


VR Union Ltd.
Jeremenkova 763/88 | Prague 4 | 140 00 | Czech Republic | (+420) 774 900 540
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